Subdivision Irrigation Service

Armistead Farms LLC provides irrigation services to many homes located in the Mesa and Chandler area. We serve many gated subdivisions and in certain circumstances we provide irrigation services to individual homeowners with citrus acreage on their home lot. Armistead Farms LLC, when contracted to irrigate will include in the service:
    1. Ordering irrigation water.  We provide a schedule for the entire year that can be accessed on our website, There will be no need for you to sign up on any irrigation board.
    2. Provide experienced irrigators to attend to the irrigation water while it on your property. Access to all irrigation valves, if behind locked gates will need to be provided at the scheduled irrigation time. Pets should to be confined during the irrigation cycle. Irrigations are delivered on a 24-hour schedule Monday thru Friday. You can access your scheduled irrigation date on our website, so you can be expecting activity related to your irrigation service on or around that date.
    3. Provide an average of 18 irrigation cycles during a year. Our service is focused on the citrus trees located on the home properties using our service and those home properties are irrigated in the same time frame as a citrus grove would be irrigated. If your property requires additional water for other landscaping, it will be your responsibility to provide that to your property.
    4. Our service fee is determined on the size of your property and the number of citrus trees requiring irrigation water. This fee will be averaged over 12 months to give an equal monthly payment for budgeting on both your part and ours. If a homeowner chooses to use our irrigation services only during the summer months the fee will be on a per irrigation cycle.
    5. We will provide information on the health of your citrus trees and will direct you on how to improve the health of your citrus trees.
We look forward to serving your community.